Wednesday, October 24, 2018

You might have nightmares...

Your favorite scary movie, carving a pumpkin, or maybe memories of going door to door asking for candy; we all have certain things that get us in the Halloween spirit.  Well, it’s that time of the year again, and I’ll be listening to scary podcasts to set the Halloween mood.  Only listening to a story and allowing your mind to paint the scenery often enhances the desired effect.  Below are a few podcasts out of the many great podcasts available.  So, put in your earbuds, start up a podcast, and prepare to be scared!

An award-winning podcast by Aaron Mahnke that details scary or unusual history.  Lore is also a TV show on Amazon Prime Video.  Aaron has a number of novels out there and a second podcast titled Cabinet of Curiosities.  If you enjoy Lore, give that one a listen too.

The NoSleep Podcast
The premier fictional horror podcast.  There are hundreds of hours of well-produced content for you to pore over.  Many skilled voice actors, composers and artists contribute, including the founder David Cummings. 

Knifepoint Horror
Most of the stories are written and narrated by Soren Narnia.  There’s not much music and usually no other contributors.  However, his stories are very well written, and his narration, which I’d liken to a friend telling you a tale, keeps your attention until the end of the story.  Highly Recommended.

Tales To Terrify
With a plethora of stories in their backlog and quite a few different narrators, you’ll find plenty of variety here.  Also, the intro narration by Stephen Kilpatrick is usually interesting and well thought out.

Created and narrated by Jon Gritz, you’ll find a lot of worthwhile content here.  If you prefer The NoSleep Podcast, you’ll definitely enjoy Creepy.

All of these podcasts have many, many hours of free content, so what are you waiting for?

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