Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cakewalk (Sonar) by BandLab

It’s a great time to be a musician.  The ability to self-publish and record at home has opened doors for musicians that were closed to all but a select few only several years ago.  Relatively inexpensive software and hardware is readily available. 

The only thing better than inexpensive is… free!  So, when I found out that Cakewalk by BandLab, previously known as Cakewalk Sonar, was free, I jumped at the chance to download it.  Cakewalk is a multi-track audio/midi application that until recently cost hundreds of dollars.
  1. Sign up at and download the Cakewalk Desktop App.
  2. Run the installation and open the software.
  3. Open any of the demo projects.

  4. Click "play" on the top toolbar
  5. You should hear the song after a few seconds.  Take a look around at the multiple tracks and various controls.
  6. If you don’t hear any audio, be sure your volume isn’t muted.  Also, check that the audio device connected to your speakers is listed and selected in Edit>Preferences>Audio>Devices>Output Drivers
      The rest of seems useful too, although I’ve yet to try any of the collaborative features.  I’ll post more about using basic midi and audio with Cakewalk in the near future.  Don't want to wait?  There are plenty of books out there. Until then, tinker around to your heart’s content.

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